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Category: Tiger lilies

Tiger lilies – My Rikki

Merely this single time we've met. She were
Settled in this vehicle, riding by mine
Seen whence I remember being
My 'n her eyes met sheer jiffies.

Despite this, it lingered in my mind
I see life's endless streets & persevere
Yet this here smile she dimmed, yes, ne'er it
Hence bedecked this phiz since we then met.

Why is it Deities embellished her with frizzes bright,
Which typify blessed sprites? Besides,
Why beryl eyes, like light yet metres deep?
She knew I ne'er defied this, right?

Yes, why did she speed by me?
Didn't, like lightning, free her vehicle.
& pinced my neck between her higher limbs,
& stretched my thirsty skin with pressing lips?

She trembled with emergencies in mind?
Rikki! Zilch excites me like thee 'n I
With hellish  pressings in the mind,
Were leveled by this engine's wreck...
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